Power Line Industries has manufactured over 5000 Power Wash Trailer units. We have an extensive list of references which we can provide upon request.

Jim eats his competition’s lunch by looking professional & guaranteeing the work!

Buying an industrial rig that looks professional has generated jobs in both commercial and residential cleaning services. I believe my rig sends the message that I am a professional in this industry and not just another beat-up rig. When you look professional you can charge professional rates.


Hi Tech Window Cleaning

I got tired of subing out my pressure washing jobs to other contractors, Now I do both. Pressure washing allows me to offer way more services and is far less seasonal which helps in the window cleaning industry. Thank you Power Wash Industries.

Murray, UT 

Tiger Enterpises (Trucking and Painting)

We run 'Frac' tank water tanker service for the oil/ natural gas drilling industry. 3 years ago we approached our major account to see if we could clean there rigs and platforms. We now run two full-time powerwash rigs and have become a more valuable supplier to my accounts.

Grand Junction, CO 

Clean Tex Commercial Cleaning

I run a mid size commercial building maintenance Co. and I was looking to grow my business, The properties I maintain were hiring another firm to do the pressure washing- and I proposed to offer this service. I did my research and teamed up with a company that does more than just offer equipment.... that is when I found Power Wash Industries.

Orem, UT 

High Pressure Solutions

The help I recieved to launch my business from PWI was invaluable. I especially liked the marketing help which started generating business right away. The equipment is rock solid and definitely makes a statement but without Power Wash industries support it would have been a rough road for my new business.

Northern, CA